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About us

Good day. I’m Evariste Umba, a former Street fighter and boxer. With the love and support of my family and Christ-followers, I have completed a Master’s Degree in Chemistry at UCT and founded Life Change Ministry (LCM: NPO-090-057). From my personal experience, I believe that “a bad person” can be changed into “a good person”. Life Change Ministry (LCM) is a registered NPO (090-057) which aims to give life and hope. Whilst engaging with the drug abuse problem in Wynberg in the last year, LCM has observed that there are approximately 200 Homeless in the area, of which 60-70% are struggling with a drug addiction and spending about R1,500-R3,500pm on alcohol and illicit drugs due to the loss of a loved one, a job, broken family (alcohol, drugs, separation or abuse), bad friendships and a general lack of self-esteem. While there is not yet in Wynberg an accessible and affordable Treatment Centre. .

Wynberg Treatment Centre

Andrew Hoffman (GNLD), Roland Smit-Wright (Pharmacist) and Evariste Umba (Chemist) have observed the deterioration of the state of health of the drug addicts and believe that healthy diets (fruits & vegetables), supplements (GNLD nutritionals) and proper medications (i.e. Suboxone, Methadone etc.) along with prayers & family support will help the City to prevent and treat drug addiction. For this reason, LCM is planning to facilitate at 155 Main Road in Wynberg a support group and a Treatment to assist heroin’s addicts with GNLD nutritionals, Methadone and Suboxone.

As a self-funded organisation, LCM is planning, with your support, to raise a Six months budgetof R301,766comprising of medical or financial resources (Ref. doc attached) beside of  1 Fridge, 2 PCs, 2 Printers and 1 Office desk that LCM has raised already. This will go towards establishing the first ‘Treatment Centre’ in Wynberg by February 2014, which will assist approximately 80 out-patients monthly with support group and 9 underprivileged patients with services such as; general counselling & prayer, drug testing, medications or supplements and secure a job as GNLD distributor. LCM will collaborate with Dr Jeetesh Ranchod for medical prescripts, StiklandHospital for detoxification, The Haven Night Shelter Wynberg for daily foods and shower facilities (for the Homeless), The Cape Mental Health for mental disability and U-Turn with Network for skills development. The Treatment will confirm Mr Evariste Umba as Manager and Researcher, and appoint a Nurse and a General Administrator.

The LCM Team will be committed to submit to you its monthly report. Please feel free to contact us for any queries or specific donation details.  Please find our bank details above (ref. letter-head).

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