Artisanal Mining in Southern Africa

Join us on Friday 25 September, 10am-1pm, as we discuss Artisanal Mining in Sub-Saharan Africa, its Challenges and Possibilities with:
◾ Evariste Umba – Tsumbu (DRC), currently involved in both mining community development in Mogale City (Krugersdorp) and Eastern DRC to promote conflict-free minerals focusing on the Development of Artisanal practices in the Mines; ◾ Blessings Hungwe, an experienced and passionate small scale miner with interests in gold, chrome and semi-precious stones (vice President of the Zimbabwe Miners Federation and current the chair of the Women in Mining Association and is the Secretary General for the Southern Africa Women in Mining Association); ◾ Lauren Jessica Nel, an attorney at the Legal Resources Centre and former environmental law researcher dealing with community workshops and environmental justice; ◾ Zethu S.G Hlatshwayo, spokesperson of the National Association of Artisanal Miners and founder of the agricultural development committee to assist backyard farmers develop small scale agriculture and generate income for themselves and fight hunger; and ◾ Haki Madini.
Independent writer, researcher, lecturer and research and education officer for the International Labour, Research and Information Group – Ilrig Sa Dr Dale T McKinley will facilitate the webinar.
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