Calling for Food Support of Jimsebos Community during this fire Disaster time

On Monday 21st June 2021, the community of Jimsebos in Schaapkraal been victim of a fire that claimed lives of 2 people and 200 dwellings. The City disaster management team been ok the scene with SASSA assistance and cleaning up prior to delivering materials for new construction.
The are been declared by the Mayor and Premier as Disaster Management site
For any update on the progress: please contact the Community Leader: Anna Jacobs (063 235 5550)
For feeding assistance on women and children with other adults: Patricia (064 004 3649) and Rhina Tieties ( +27 61 724 9680)
For monetary donations, Life Change account is: Account Name: Life Change Ministry Account Number: 073637424 Branch Name: Rondebosch Branch code: 025009 Swift Code: SBZA ZAJJ Contact number: 079 091 0554 (Evariste Umba)
Kid regards

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