Hoe to Reverse Poverty in Africa through Ubuntu?

African child “Ubuntu & Colonialism (Dutch & Romans laws) “How to reverse poverty in Africa”
Good morning, after few years on earth. I thought about sharing this analysis.
African laws were less written as “Elder or a person’s knowledge or conscious” was symbolising the law as a library – it was fair
African child or descendant prior to colonialism was not poor as it is classified today. African child was living under “Communal laws” which is symbolise by a code of conduct called “Ubuntu”. Land with its resources belongs to the Community/village with a chief with elders as “Administrator & Judge” and foods was shared by everyone after hunting. There were enough for everyone and people used to trade with each others. Hence, African child was left with inheritance (land with resources) co-shared with others. Corruption didn’t exist
Now came Colonialism with Dutch-Romans “individualistic” laws, this law is opposed to Ubuntu. Instead of acknowledging Ubuntu, unfortunately has “destroyed” its strength by “dividing (parents with children) and scattering elders “working in the mines or town” across the globe as “slave” and others oppressed or dispossessed in the land especially if you resist. European laws were imposed or forced to African up-to-date. How can you apply “Individualism in a forest”, team-work is the rule of the jungle. Hence, European Child/descendant became more privileged in African land
Individualism with law enforcement had caused “Individual land/Resource ownership and African child to become landless, Resource-less, Cultural-less, Historical-less and as foreigner in its own land because Dutch-Romans laws were so expensive to access through education and financial requirements it’s bureaucracy up-to-date. Hence, African child became “Poor” by non-existence of its parents (inheritance) with its communal land/resources and he/she had to apply to access to its own inheritance! and European child “became rich by inheritance from Dutch – Roman laws & it’s parents legacy.
How to fix this after 4-5 centuries?
There are 2 ways that Im proposing: whether
1. African child or descendant should “return into its original ways” which is less understood as the pioneer of those rules are dead or killed and less documents were written and European child will struggle with it and the system is capitalistic very difficult to break or
2. Adapt a “New System of Communal living with the European Child or descendant”. Its an Adapted “Ubuntu” where both parties will acknowledge to “Administer communally a Suburb or village as a Community of Property”. It’s a good one but will African child be able to apply it properly? Will the European will be able to cope as its used to individualism?
Hope, we will continue this thinking
Individualism won’t work in Africa but mostly create more corruption and greediness as African by nature was born to “own in a group”
Hope this will inspire the 21st Century Thinkers who are willing to resolve African’s problem
Yours, Evariste Umba – 13/08/2021

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