How to make Home-made bread

Good morning 🌞, For the past 6 months, I ate breads & muffins baked at Home
Good day, this what you need to bake breads at 250°C for 20-30min. How much: For 500g of Self-raising flour, 2 eggs, 2 spoons of sugar, about 50-100ml of Oil, about 250ml of warm water milk (if you have powder milk, warm water and add milk), mix them all (I like my dough to be half soft & hard), put your piece in the plate, add a bit of oil, flour and sugar on top of each piece and then put in oven for 20-30min at 250°C. Enjoy your practice or check YouTube for assistances😀😀😀😀. Have a good week
Evariste Umba

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