Influencing Change on Artisanal and Small Scale Mining policy and Mercury-Free Mining

Outstanding presentaion👍
Good 😊 morning, feedback from the presentation at the Department of Mineral Resources and Energy (DMRE) to influence change
I’m so thankful to God after almost 2 years of works in the sector, today we have presented in the biggest platform with many experts to assist HDSA (Historically Disadvantage South African) to regain ownership of minerals in SA
Participants: about 10 people from DMRE, Mintek (large mining), Council of Geosciences (CGS) and others. There are people that the gvt sent to Ghana, Kenya and Zambia
The highlights of some questions
1. About Access to Land: Expropriation without compensation of abandoned mine shaft can only apply if the local mining Community are organised in Cooperative, have mining skills and a Cooperate Social Responsibility plan
2. What about foreigners, must we exclude them? To prevent conflict in Community, the foreigners should incorporate South African in their team and none should be excluded
3. Where is your publication on Borax as alternative to Mercury usage: I sent them the link
We praying for implementation
Yours, Evariste Umba

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