Is this a Sign of Revival among Krugersdorp Children like Moravian Church Children in 1742?

Sivewright Street in Krugersdorp in One-hand is well known as the most notorious and highly infested crime zone with loitering, gambling even among children and adults highly involved in Alchohol on weekly basis on the streets without higher unemployment rate, homelessness, drugs merchandising, human trafficking and Prostitution practice under the leadership of their pimps while SAPS is battling to put an end to all crimes in the area and transform the mentality of adults in the area
On the other hand, Life Change Missionary (Life Change Ministry: NPO-090-057) works started since 2019 under “Mogale Community Church name”, with God’s help contributed to the closing down of Prostitution and drug merchandising house and had observed children since for a while in Krugersdorp especially from Sivewright Street demonstrating a desire of spending time in the word and singing gospel songs, as a Missionary, I have witnessed children creating their own song meeting after meetings with children such as Zaydan, Alicia, Favour and Fofo with many other children until Apiwe opened up of her desire for a bible and her mother confirmed such desire that she had. On Wednesday 28 August 2023. James Mentor heard that desire and sent fund immediately which enabled her to have “Good news bible” under her care with her mother to make sure that the bible is looked after.
Bible study: Apiwe read and explained in front of other children with her mothers help at 108 Sivewright Street Property the scripture of Matthew 7:7 Children were communicated of the desire to meet every Wednesday after school for bible reading and singing with children in leadership under Adults supervision. We give glory to God🙌.
Is this not like the Moravian Church Revival among children in 1742 under the leadership of eleven-year-old Susanna Kuehnel where children were involved in prayers? Only God knows what is actually doing in this community to prepare a new generation in the next 5-10 years in Sivewright who will be devoted to God with his word.
For now, join us in praying for those children to keep the momentum going and for adults to continue supporting and for owner of properties to be opened everytime they are gathering and for more sponsorship of bible and kids chair with sweet, biscuits, drinks and why not some food for other meetings? Praying especially for Apiwe to read the bible daily and for the Missionary Evariste with her mother Pamlla to continue guiding her in this journey of serving God.
The Ministry is hoping to secure a R500 000 or $30 000 to purchase a property with the aim to rebuild a church with recreational facility for kids and restaurant to self-sustain the project. After its church building was destroyed by a new owner of the 93 Sivewright Street property. I thank you
Contact: Tel. 079 091 0554 E-mail:
For any financial support: Banking Details Its Standard Bank Acc. Name: Life Change Ministry Acc. No: 073637424 Branch: Rondebosch Rondebosch branch code: 025009 Internet banking branch code: 051001 Swift code No: SBZA ZAJJ
May God richly bless you and revive your children
Yours, Evariste Umba (Apostle of Jesus Christ)

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