Masks: When and Why to Wear them?

When, Where, What, Why to wear them as PPE?
Morning, we need many answers and clarity from Medical doctors and licensed PPE manufacturers as it’s difficult to wear a mask for 8 hours without a break and i have never seen a doctor doing that🤔
Thought of sharing this from a Medical Doctor Dennis
Prolonged use of the mask causes hypoxia.
Constantly breathing exhaled air turns into carbon dioxide, which causes dizziness.
This intoxicates the user and much more when he has to move, perform moving actions.
It causes discomfort, loss of reflexes and consciousness.
It generates great fatigue.
In addition, the lack of oxygen causes a breakdown of glucose and an increase in lactic acid, which is at risk.
Some people drive their car with the mask, which is very dangerous, because stale air can cause the driver to lose consciousness.
It is recommended to use it only if you have someone in front of you or very close to you, and it is important not to forget to lift it every 10 minutes to continue to feel healthy.
It is counterproductive for people who serve the public for 8 hours, as they unknowingly get intoxicated.
All Lives Matter !That prevention does not lead you to another problem… let’s use the mask knowingly.
Dr. Dennis A Castro B
In one study, a mask that used 16 layers of handkerchief fabric was able to filter out 63 percent of 300-nanometer-sized particles. (The coronavirus is between 50 to 200 nanometers in diameter.) But that mask was harder to breathe with compared with thick, tight-fitting N95 respirators, often used in hospitals, that can block minuscule particles. Wearing a cloth mask with that many layers would be uncomfortable and may “cause some to pass out,” the researchers wrote in the letter.

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