Mogale Community Church special day with Kids

Good day everyone, today was a memorable and emotional day indeed. It’s called Kids day mostly and great to have Gordon who was there before while I went to check on Mandla & Nthombi, but forgot just after reaching out that Mandla told me that I left already
I did reach out to many lives there where Mandla used to live
Gordon spoke with Sfiso then with kids, we spoke about Luke 2:43-52 when Jesus tarried in Jerusalem and his parents didn’t know. Wow Gordon explained it well to the kids.
We had Sipho, Dlamini, Nkululeko, CK, and others with Fanney who left afterwards
Dlamini offered massages to Gordon 😀 and all kids took chairs back after the service. For the first time, the kids were there for more than 1hours
The extension of the building has started
Thank you Lord 😀

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