Story of Elston Flippies: former Wynberg homeless

Story of Elston Flippies: Former Wynberg Homeless
Mr Elston Flippies is a South African Youth who ended up at the Haven Night Shelter Wynberg in 2011 but today is renting in Wesbank / Cape Town
While Mr Evariste Umba has been doing some voluntary works at the Night Shelter, he met Elston Flippies, a vibe young Man and musician which life turned drastically after the loss of his mother who was like his pillar & role model in life. This situation with other associated family issues affected him emotionally and psychologically and caused him to end up as Homeless.
After years of searching for to get back on his feet, Elston has searched to reconnect with our organisation to share his story.
Today, He is renting in Wesbank opposite Delf/Cape Town and holds code 10 in pdp driver license. With his past job as driver, he drove cross border logistics from Cape town, Namibia, Zambia and Congo (DRC), while he is a job hunter, he is hoping to start a logistic business
Elston advise to Youth:
Advise that I can give to the youth is simple. Pray to God make prayer the driving force of you life. Remember that the choices we make today determine the outcome of our future. Our future can be tomorrow, next week, next month or even years from now. So whatever choice you make today make sure it is beneficial for your health and for your spiritually, Amen.
Mr Evariste Umba is discussing with Elston about his business concept & development. If you are willing to make contact with Elston: Cell No: +27 84 859 2447 E-mail:
Picture attached is from Carnegie III / UCT in 2012 where Mr Evariste Umba invited Elston with his roommate Oscar to share their challenges of homelessness
Much thanks for your consideration
Yours, Evariste Umba Life Change Ministry Web:

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