The Acts of Holy Spirit through students at the University of Kinshasa/DRC -2002-2004

Morning beloveds
Can we meditate today about our personal impact and patterns of Revival?

Act 2:17 And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams:



True story 
A group of young students (2002-2004) at University of Kinshasa in DRC under Campus Crusade for Christ decided to request my permission as coordinator to host fasting & prayers days on Sundays once a month as occult movement such as Eckancard & others visited campus (paying students $10 per meeting) while the ministry was going through serious financial challenges as USA headquarters couldn’t support branches in Africa anymore..very dark period. As many disciples were getting lost in the occult movement, many academics were leading those movements, it was so painful as if you refuse to join, it may affect your school career. We went on fasting & prayers “Crying to God for help & Intervention”, we could sing with tears & clapping our hands for 4-7 hours …then something happens
Beloveds, for the first time I heard a noise coming like from the roof or sky falling on people in the auditorium, they were all baptized in the spirit….spiritual gifts distributed was a joy and challenging to manage about 40 disciples with gifts of prophecy in the auditorium and each willing to prophesy. We have seen blind see, the gospel went out of varsity to the community, the works reached the US headquarters…it was really like the book of Acts alive.
Even in the Christian party, the fact that disciples meeting, the spirit of God fall and ministry starts 
I must admit that I almost died though  persecutions but it made us strong in the midst of that it like diamond going through the fire with the aim to shine

We were 4 leaders trusting God to see Jesus as we have seen miracles, wonders & signs. I thank God that he revealed himself to Me, me who is the last of all
For the first time: all disciples of Campus Crusade for Christ passed their exams including myself who spent almost 1 month at hospital 1 month before the exam but passed. All my class passed as well as one Prof who decided to give me zero for being in the hospital died suddenly with all exams script, we had to repeat exam
I’m thankful to the Holy Spirit and to the participation of  Nadine Olofio, Pierre Lopongo, Christian Esselakoy, Richard Neci, Patrick & Nancy Ndelo, Timothée Yuhe, and many more.
I was asked to write a book one day about this: The Acts of Holy Spirit at the University of Kinshasa
Please see attached some quotes and my prayer for Revival 
Thank you, Lord 
Yours, Evariste Umba 



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