Untold story about African

Untold story about African (story of glory as said: Patrice Lumumba)
African are hard-workers and United
Hard-workers: yes indeed, their strength is because of their farming and living ability in forest with wild animals and killing some with bear-hands. Such skills were identified by colonials once they arrived, instead of using such for good, they practice slave trade with Tipo Tipo to apply force labour in farming and mining and later in building Europe and America. While colons used to stand watching them working hard but were not paid at all or some paid with almost nothing, that’s evil
Such skill was used in World War I when African could live in trees for days waiting for the enemy, once they appear, they will jump and catch and kill the enemy
It was copied by the Viet-Kong who defeated American by covering themselves with leaves in forest….
Is this practice exist up-to-date? Yes, you still see African working hard, digging deep even 5-10km deep while their managers colons watching them but unfortunately they will be paid R50, R100, R150 or R180 without medical aid, so once they get ill, they die without access to private medical services that their boss can access
Unity? Yes, African practice Ubuntu, they learnt to live together for centuries. Just go to townships, you will sometimes 4-8 people living in 1 room which colons can’t practice that. People sharing sugar, salt, breads and others. But European and telling others that African are not united, that not true
Just see their population poor salary, how do they live, pay child school fee….that is genial👍
African need to be reminded of their background
Yours, Evariste Umba

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