Woman Arise Movement from Krugersdorp- Discipleship

Life Change Ministry is a registered Nonprofit organization (NPO-090-057) which aims to give Life & Hope. Under the banner of its Mission Church of Mogale Community Church, after seeing the sense of dedication of women to the Ministry works, as Visionary I felt the desire of launching a movement called “Woman Arise” by Starting with the Story of Deborah who was a prophetess that God used as judge by serving Israel from a palm tree place into Advising the King Barak. Hence God can use any Woman inspite of their background.
Last week Wednesday on 06th September 2023, Women such as Melicia Ndebele, Ntheusi Nkatlo, Thomas Jataime Shumane and Sonja Naudé who was the host with a great welcoming Spirit. Women learnt about the purpose of the church from Matthew 28:18-20 and the question of the woman not allowed to speak in the church Part I, all women had notes to write. It was truly inspiring and electrifying. Afterwards, sharing of snacks and fruits which women were given each extra to go and share them to those who couldn’t attend and give feedback of what they learnt in the Spirit of making disciples (2 Timothy 2:2). This how they were sent off to share fruits:
Melicia Ndebele (Mama Gundi) went to sister Mash, Ntheusi went to Mama Dorothy Dumakude, Sonja to Mama Rose and Thomas (Tammy) to Pamlla and Vivian who are all mothers in Sivewright Street. I believe that this growing a Spirit of fruitfulness and enabling women to be fruitful in life by multiplication.
Praying for every women out there and mother to be fruitful in life in Jesus’s Name. Amen
The next meeting to be held by Mama Melicia Ndebele in Kobie Kridge road on Wednesday 20th September 2023 same time from 17-18h. See you there. Note that men are also welcome
Contact our office for more details at: Tel.: 079 091 0554 Women can be contacted at: Melicia Ndebele: +27 74 797 6866 Sonja Naudé: +27 71 554 4529 Ntheusi Nkatlo: +27 84 952 9215 E-mail: evaristeu21@gmail.com
God bless
Yours, Evariste Umba (Apostle of Jesus Christ)

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